Thursday, August 24, 2006

A bit of history

I have been coding for well over 15 years. I like creating new stuff and seeing them work, or break :-) So programming was the ultimate toy, sort of speak. I can actually write something and see things happen on screen. From the very old basic moving circles on my MSX Sakhr, solving quadratic equations (before I learned them in school), plotting x/y and time functions, Programming is FUN!
Back in the good old days of the Commodore 64, I typed pages and pages (probably 30+) of numbers from my Programming The Commodore 64 book just to create an assembler. Then the fun began with Assembly Language. Things were really fast in assembly when you have an 8-bit 1-Mhz processor with three registers, and a full 64K (almost) of RAM! I developed my first compression routine when I was probably 16. Later I knew it was called RLE (Run Length Encoding). I had my first "games" with moving sprites and changing colors.
So why did I do that? No internet for me at that time, no help from anyone. Just my book, my C-64 and lots of reset button presses (there is no debugging in assembly). Why? Because I simply loved doing that. Still do. Programming for Programming's sake. Born to Code.

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