Monday, September 04, 2006

Click, Fast farward, rewind

I just came back from the movie Click. It's a nice 'n' easy Adam Sandler Movie. The movie seems a bit shallow, and the points it wants to show are obvious. There are no big twisters, no big surprise at the end. But still, it got me thinking of my own life.

I was talking about the same subject after lunch with my family before going for the move. We talked about how some people struggle so hard to "get a better life for my kids", but forget that they are losing their own life. Time can never be brought back... One should enjoy the journey, not just the goal.

In a job like IT, we tend to work so hard, and "fast forward" through life, missing many of it's moments that we can never get back.

Get your priorities right. Mine is my family.

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BuZain said...

Well said sir. Family must come first. I always recall what my wife told me a couple of years ago, in one of those late-home-coming-from-work nights. She said something like, if you got hit by a car and god forbid died, your employer will replace you in a blink. Your family will never be able to replace you. It doesn't even want to replace you.

I was reading on digg earlier today on how employers are becoming smarter, from their point of view, in dealing with their employees in terms of annual raises and bounces. Lots of them stopped annual raises and force their employees to work very hard for end of year bounces. And I kind of ask myself does it really worth it if you can't enjoy the rewards with your family and friends.

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