Friday, March 28, 2008

Efficiency ?

I hear this kind of conversation among women all the time, in almost the exact same sequence:

A: Salam, how are you doing?
B: Salam, very good. and you?
A: Good Alhamdilla. How's X?
B: She's good.
... and this "how are you" continues for some time... It's not the main purpose of the call / conversation at all. Just a preliminary... now, back to A, talking to B.
A: Do you know, Y?
B: Yeah, she's almost due, right?
A: She just gave birth, yesterday...
B: Yooo.. Hamdilla a' salama. How is she?
A: She's okay, tired, but she's very happy.
B: Boy or girl?
A: Boy.
B: Mabrook. she wanted a boy.. what did they call him?
A: Ali. Like his grandfather...

.. and this conversation continues... talks about weight, hair color, eye color, father, and everything else...

There will always be the sequence of at least:

a: X gave birth.
b: Boy or girl?
a: Boy.
b: What did they call him?
a: Ali.

and possibly many others in between.

So, whenever I have to be A: I start by:
A: Salam. Ahmed just became Abu Ali.

There... That's at least three sentences shortened to just one simple, complete information.

That's what 20 years programming will do for you :)

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BuZain said...

How true :) women will always be women. This behavior is hardwired in them.
And honestly, I don't mind it at all. It just gives me more time to slay more enemies in Half Life 2 :)

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