Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Leena and I were busy packing and arranging for the move over a week ago. The move to Jeddah was planned months before that. But somehow it just seemed like another minor thing. Even though we both knew it was a BIG move. We knew we will leave many things here, and will start a new life in Jeddah. We knew of all of the details, but we just did not feel how BIG it was Until last night.
Yesterday we went to get our one-way ticket. Then I went to finalize selling my car, and realized I still have another 2 years instead of just one of loan payments. We went back home, and my brother came to get some stuff. That stuff was a spare desk, and my PC desk. Both desks occupied most space in my "operations" room. I had to pack my PC. And then my operations room was almost empty, except for some boxes.
Now I feel it. We are moving, we are leaving all of this behind, and starting a fresh start.
I am not feeling sad or afraid for the move at all. I am excited, but I will miss all things, and most importantly all people here.
The different thing in this move from all the others I made previously is that this time, I will take the most precious person with me. That makes it easier :-)


BuZain said...

homesick already ? :)
This is normal I guess and thank god you have your soulmate with you which hopefully will make the reallocation a bit more bearable.

Shark Hunter said...

You'll get used to it in no time.

Just Google it!