Sunday, May 06, 2007

Short Circuit

In case you do not know, here is the Wikipedia explanation:
A short circuit is an accidental low-resistance connection between two nodes of an electrical circuit that are meant to be at different voltages.
This is similar to a secret shortcut that was never meant to be used, but it exists, and therefore will be used instead of the long, usually intended and designed path that was designed.

So, why am I bringing this up? I've been noticing that short circuits do not just happen for electrons and electrical currents. People behave like electrical current and they look for the "path of least resistance" in many occasions. You'll probably notice this in many situations.

Why do people ask someone (A) for something instead of asking somebody else (B), who may be more suitable for the job? Because asking (A) is easier.

Why do some people double park and block others instead of looking for that other park, just a few meters away? It's nearer to the door, and a shorter path.

Why do many people not even bother reading the error message and call you, or even claim the system is totally useless when something wrong happens? Or they may simply click Cancel / Ok, or any random button instead of reading the message and doing what it tells them?

You get the picture...

So, beware of short circuits, and keep in mind that most people, like electrical current will look for a short circuit to make things easy for them.

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