Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ubuntu on Dell

This is a bit too late for me. I already have Ubuntu on my Dell Inspiron Laptop. However this is a good step nonetheless.

My as well as my wife's experience with Vista is awful. The latest bad Vista news has been that the HP All-In-One scanner, copier, printer just refuses to work, or the printer completely disappearing from the PC 's Setup Printers. We had to completely re-install the printer.
The same printer and scanner works without a hitch in Ubuntu. No need for any special installations either. And it is a Network Connection too.
Plus Vista is slow and bloated. Actually Ubuntu takes shorter time fully booting that Vista takes time resuming from Hibernation!

The only reason I occasionally need to switch to Vista is because some web-sites are still IE only, and do not display at all in Firefox. I'll check Opera on Ubuntu.


Anonymous said...

too bad dell's offer will be available only in the USA for the time being. We will have to wait if we want to get the nice package from dell :(.

About your need for IE. You should know that it's possible to install IE on Linux using wine (or cxoffice). One problem you might face is arabic support in wine.


BuZain said...

I have IE 6 running on Ubuntu for some time now but it is buggy.

Ayman said...

I'll try Wine and IE, but I just hate it when site designers assume everybody in the world is using one single Browser they use, and assume everybody is using the highest resolution they can use, and can read the tiniest font.

Oh well...

Just Google it!