Sunday, July 01, 2007

Google AdSense

Unless you have something like Firefox Adblock extension, you may have noticed the Ads By Google column in my blog. Actually I have Adblock, and I thought my AdSense account did not work!

So anyway, I'm not really trying to make any money from this blog. But I am just curious how the whole AdSense concept actually works. It's actually pretty cool when in my Weddings Post you see some Wedding Planning Sites in the Ads By Google column.

If you have a Google Blogger account, it is as simple as one two three and you'll have Google Ads on your blog. You can even make some money!

Of course you are free to click away on my Ads and get me some points ;-)


Shark Hunter said...

Yeah I saw that feature but never bothered creating an account

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

Ayman, I'm actually conducting an experiment now on my blogs to see what effect (money wise) this Google Adsense actually adds to the bottom line. I was told that with the number of visits etc I receive I should become a millionaire in about.. oh, 748 years. So there is hope!!

Ayman said...

That's not so bad :-).. In the same time, and doing all the calculations, and considering some family growth after some time, and that I'm rich and famous, I'm estimating $2.21 in 748 years :-)

But what is actually good is the analytics and reports they give you. So there is something.

Just Google it!