Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Seven Days Weddings

Ok, so some people do want to make the best wedding and spend all their just started life savings. And they want to start their life together with big a loan just to have a wedding. Their call, it's their wedding and their life after all. I do not agree on it, but hey, just my opinion.
But having seven days for a wedding? C'mon!!! Day for henna, for Jalwa, for whatever, and then two days for dinner, and some others for i don't know what?
Hey, it is your wedding, but did you think of all the people who have to attend? And especially women who now have to make like 7 different new dresses costing that much, and they may not wear them again. And they have to attend all those seven days and seven nights? So who takes care of kids, and husbands? And of course everything else will be on hold for seven days or more.

Anyway, if you are thinking of a 3 or 7 days wedding, think of the people who have to attend. Do them, and yourself a favor and spend a nice honeymoon with your wife, and ease it on the credit card.

And my best wishes to those who got married, and those who will.


Gardens of Sand said...

Hey! I love the henna and the jelwa. I am not that into weddings and engagements though and can see where you are coming from. The henna and jalwa are much more intimate and less elaborate (expensive). The wedding and engament though are another story. I feel as though the bride and groom are on show for half of Bahrain to see, while ppl eat, dance, have fun and gossip about the newly weds. Why should you have to invite 500-1000 guests half of which you never met and nearly all who will talk s*** about you? But you have to make the family happy and not shame them!

Shark Hunter said...

I just made a simple calculation for 1 night - not even 7-. Let's see:
1- A good ballroom (not 5-star hotels) with 400 to 500 people thats 2,500 to 3,000
2 - A dress for the bride and the groom's suit around 1,000
3 - All that crap about reserving a night or tow in a lavish hotel 300 to 500
4 - Bridal gifts around 500 to 1,000.
5 - Stage Decoration 500 to 1,500.

I don't know about the rest of the stuff but summing all those lovely figures would come to about 6,000 give or take!

Then honey moon, preparing a flat, or building a house (if you have the muscles for mortgage loans)...

Uuuuuuh, that's just tiring.

can we talk said...

if it were me, i would forget the huge party, forget the stage, forget the strangers and have a nice reception for your close friends and family only, male and female together (so the groom doesnt feel lke an idiot in a room full of females) and have a great time with everybody yourself.
make new traditions...
and if that's too expensive still or if you dont like to mix the sexes, just go on a lovely romantic honeymoon and spend the money on yourselves. you should never start your married life in debt, it doesnt make for a healthy marriage.
and if she insists on a big party, my advice is to forget her because she is not going to make a good life partner..

Just Google it!