Wednesday, June 20, 2007

IE For Linux

Okay so I really hate Vista, and I think Microsoft products are crap. But there are still a few sites out there that think everybody else in the world is running Windoze. Take for example GMArabia who insist on using ActiveX and Microsoft DOM components. Their main page does not even load on anything but a Windoze PC.
Anyway, so there is Wine and you can run lots of Windows progs on it, but it was nit the easiest program to install and configure, and I did have some issues with it some time ago. So I did not bother installing it again and switched to Vista for some things.
Well, not any more. Thanks to IE4Linux.
With IE4Linux, all what you will need are just a few lines in the shell, and you will have IE 5.5, IE 6.0, and IE 5.0 if you need, with Flash, and with desktop shortcuts too. It does everything for you.
So now, I really have no reason at all to run Vista. Well, maybe just for some games ;-)

Are you using Wine with other programs?

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Anonymous said...

to answer your question...

There is a multitude of programs you can run smoothly on Wine with a little bit of tweaking.

for instance, I am running Microsoft Office 2000 and World of Warcraft. Office because you know how some some people would send you word documents that are only compatible with Word it self (open office is still not that good when it comes to openning DOC files.).

-- Yousif

Just Google it!