Wednesday, June 20, 2007

iPod users, meet floola

I love my iPod video. I have tons of songs, some pictures, and many files backed up. Another great feature is that I can use the iPod as a portable image tank to store my pictures from my Nikon D50 directly without a PC. An average picture is about 3Mb, so 40-50Gb should be enough for a few days photo shoot. But What I do not like is that i had to use iTunes to manage my music collection. And with iTunes, you can't just sync on any PC. I had some luck with some older programs that were able to "publish" my music collection from iPod to any PC, but the program could not add MP3's to my iPod.

I did not add much MP3's for some time, until I got some new CD's.

Then I came across floola. A great, Windows, Linux and Mac iTunes full replacement where you can add and fully manage your iPod music collection. It is still in Beta, but seems to be stable enough.

Are you doing anything else for iPod sync? Or are you using other Mp3 players?


Concerned 'Citizen X' said...

Hey bro,

I use my pod to listen to music and podcasts downloaded from the net. My son watches movies on it.
I've not used it as a Hard Disk, and i prefer viewing pictures on a larger screen.

Game playing is not recomended as the controls suck.


Anonymous said...

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