Friday, October 19, 2007

rsizr - Intellegent Image Resizing

rsizr is a very innovative web-based application to intelligently resize images, without loosing much details. Instead of dupkicating or removing some columns or rows of pixels from an image, it uses a technique called Seam Carving to duplicate seams in an image that contain most details, or to remove the seams that contain least details. Even Photoshop (c) does not have that capability, yet.
Seam Carving Technique:

rsizr in action:

The user interface is very simple. Simply put, you upload your image (make sure the size is suitable for your speed, it may help to resize your image before you upload it). After that, you can mark the areas you need to protect (green), and the areas you want to remove (red) and then start your resizing. It is that easy. Give it a try, it is a lot of fun removing that person from the group photo!


BuZain said...

I saw the youtube video sometime ago and liked the idea but never thought they'll make a web app out of it that soon. Very cool. thanks for sharing Abu Moayyed. How is the little boy BTW?

Ayman said...

Most of the rsizr is done in Flash. I did notice some other GIMP plugins, but did not check if they use the same Seam Carving technique.
Make sure to get the PDF from the searmcarving site, it is a nice paper to read.
Moayyad is doing great. We just moved back to Jeddah 3 days ago. Barely had a chance to see my family while in Bahrain. I hope to see you and the techies on my next trip. said...

was actually looking for something like this, thanks!

reshader said...

The idea in the video is fantastic. I’m not convicted resir uses seam carving. I’ve tried it but I must confess I’ll stick with Reshade. The results I get with Reshade are far better and more accurate. I believe Reshade has the most advanced features of any resizing application. The accuracy and high quality resizing is preserved at any zoom factor.

Just Google it!