Monday, November 05, 2007

One Month to WW III

Well, according to the Adnan wa Leena prologue, World War III was in 2008
...اندلعت الحرب العالمية الثالثة عام 2008
Makes you think how time flies ha? When I first saw that in the 80's, it seemed so far away. And now it is upon us.

Well, hopefully the prophecy is wrong. It has to be. I don't yet see the cool robots nor the weird looking flying machines anywhere!

And I don't know where القلعة could be. So... we might be safe for now.


Sunshine said...

okk.. scary thought :|

Redbelt said...

Actually, I was tidying up my CD's and I saw Adnan wa Lina. I had the same idea though.

I welcome a third WW. We need to destroy Earth to build it again. Kinda like tearing a building down to build another one.

Besides, a real tough war in this region will only be good to us. See what it did to Japan & Germany (don't look at other examples please). We could be just like that!

Re.Loaded Soul said...

Well, outcome of the political tentions between the US and Iran are not predictable, and you never know, what the coming months could bring to this region.

My personal opinion, if any war started, it will have difinetely impacts on the global scale. The "fort", might be the iranian nuclear reactor in Bushehr!!

Damn it, we didn't get what Leena was pointing at.. :) said...

its really close either way, and expected. tensions are mounting, and something will snap very, very soon...

i love these varied end of world scenarios where chaos reigns... adnan wa lina, streets of rage (video game), end of days etc...

heres a quote for you:

"the fourth world war will be fought with sticks and stones"

just scares you to think what will happen in the third..

Just Google it!