Monday, November 12, 2007

VictorMagic - No more pixelations!

If you enlarged or zoomed too much on a photo before you will notice pixelation effect.

Because all photographs and most pictures are actually a grid of very small picture elements, or pixels, when you zoom in, you see these ugly rectangles. Just like zooming in too much on a photo on a book or newspaper reveals the dots. With a vector drawing program, like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape or others, your picture or drawing is actually made up of lines and curves. Even when you zoom in, you will not those pixels. You will still see smooth lines and curves. You will also be able to a lot more with Vectors, like smooth resize, skew, and distort.

Note however that Vectors are generally not suited for photographs. They are best suited for things like line art, signature, logo, or other such things. You can however vectorize an image if you want to make a really huge poster and don't want people getting close and seeing the pixels. They do look terribly annoying and unprofessional.

So, how do you convert from Pixels to Vectors? Many systems are available, including those from Adobe, Inkscape, and some other Open Source programs but non are as easy, or free as VictorMagic.

VictorMagic makes it very easy with a Wizard type User Interface. You upload your picture, select the kind, tune it, and then an EPS, PNG or SVG vector file.

There is no need to go through a tutorial or how to. It is dead easy, just go to the site and start playing.

Unfortunately I could not find a place to upload the test Muffins picture I posted earlier. flickr and Blogger do not allow uploading SVG pictures. But you can see samples on the VictorMagic site.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Blueberry Muffins - Take 4

Week 4 was finally a success....
Correct Muffin mix. Ingredients were all there, including an egg, which I don't remember needing. And no ants...
Here they are... And they taste grrreeaat.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blueberry Muffins - Take 3

I love muffins. Specially when baked fresh. Betty Crocker Muffin Mix is really delicious and very easy to make. It doesn't need a whole lot of equipment to make, just a bowl and a spoon, which means it is also easy to clean up afterwards.
I used to get them from Al-Jazeerah Supermarket when I was in Bahrain, but did not see them since we moved to Jeddah, until about four weeks ago. So I took one bag and was ready for some fresh muffins for the weekend breakfast.
Week 1: I got up before my wife and told her to get ready for some good fresh chocolate chip muffins. Got the bags, heated the oven and read the instructions. You will need, water, an egg, and a stick of butter. Butter??? I don't recall the muffin mix needed any butter. Maybe I forgot, since I did not make them for a while now... But damn... we don't have any butter!!! No muffins this weekend.
Week 2: We got butter.. Same thing.... get up... get ready to bake and have fresh muffins for breakfast... Re-read the instructions... HEY!!! Those are NOT muffins!!! Those are Cookies!!! Damn it!!! The box looked exactly like the muffin box, and the Arabic label was probably confusing... Oh well.. the cookies are not as good, but okay...
Week 3: We bought another muffin box. Made sure it was Muffin this time. Same story... Get up.. get out the box.. and there are these ants on the box... hmmm.. get out the muffin mix, and those ants were making a party out of the mix!!! They made a hole in the plastic bag... Damn those ants! Just next to the muffin box was an opened bag of sugar... no ants. dates in an opened box... no ants. closed muffin mix bag... ants make a hole and get in... grrrr.. .
Week 4: Got another box, and put the box in the fridge. Hopefully I'll be able to have some fresh baked muffins for breakfast tomorrow....

Have a great weekend everybody..

Monday, November 05, 2007

One Month to WW III

Well, according to the Adnan wa Leena prologue, World War III was in 2008
...اندلعت الحرب العالمية الثالثة عام 2008
Makes you think how time flies ha? When I first saw that in the 80's, it seemed so far away. And now it is upon us.

Well, hopefully the prophecy is wrong. It has to be. I don't yet see the cool robots nor the weird looking flying machines anywhere!

And I don't know where القلعة could be. So... we might be safe for now.

Just Google it!