Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back to Bahrain! and a JSyntaxPane fix

Well, this is my last day in Jeddah, and tomorrow I'm on my way to Bahrain, inshallah.

I had some time at the hotel, and since they have very good high speed in-room internet, and I got my laptop, I fired up Ubuntu, got the latest NetBeans loaded and upgraded, and fixed an outstanding issue with JSyntaxPane. So now, it is bug free :-)


Arun Reginald said...

I am pretty impressed with your diligence towards the JSyntaxPane project. In your footsteps, I have also started a new project on to facilitate better database manipulation in Java programmes. I would definitely be using your syntax highlighting utility in any GUI code that I use to manipulate SQL.

Love the new SQL lexers. Kindly tell me if I can be of help to the project or not.


Ayman said...

Thanks for the comments! You are welcome to join as member, tester, any help can be useful. We also have a mailing list that subwiz kindly setup for us.

Just Google it!