Monday, July 07, 2008

Darken web pages for easy reading

Personally, I prefer reading light text on dark background. Most web-pages use black text on white background, including this blog. I'll probably change the theme on this blog later, but I'm actually lazy because of this amazing tool. All you need to do is drag it on your bookmarks toolbar, and voila! One click, and all the text in the page will be grey on black, and links blue on black.

This only works on Firefox. Internet Explorer users; now you have another reason to switch ;-)

Here is the article and the bookmarklet.


Ebtihal said...

is it my browser or your links that do not work? I would like to see the mentioned tool but couldn't open the link.

Ayman said...

It could be your browser. I checked that it works on Firefox 2 and 3 on Windows Vista and Ubuntu, but not IE7 on Vista.

BuZain said...

I use the firefox developer toolbar addon or greasemonkey to control website colors as on the contrary to your preference, mine is black text on white background.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tool. Is there a way to make this tool default?

Laurence said...

Thanks, I was looking for a FF addon or greasemonkey script to do this, but with some tweaking to the javascript in the bookmark to fit my preferences, this does exactly what I was looking for without the overhead of an addon.


Sandeep Ashodhiya said...

there is still the problem with undo,u wrote in ur blog that its been fixed.
I tried all available versions.

can u please tell which build has these changes.

Just Google it!