Saturday, October 28, 2006


My wife read the book, "The Devil Wears Prada" and she enjoyed it. Today we went to see the movie.

I was reluctant at first. I knew the movie was about fashion, main character is a she, so I thought it's a chick flick. It's not like that, although it does show a lot of chicks and a lot of fashion. I did like the movie and the points it was trying to make.

The movie is about Andrea, an educated smart girl, who is not into fashion, not that pretty, or at least thinks and acts as if she is not. She has no other opportunity but to work as an assistant to the editor of Runway magazine, Miranda. Miranda is so bossy, so over-the-top and a goddess of fashion. I will not spoil any more of the movie, but it is very good.

For me, the main point in the movie is that it doesn't matter if you have something that a million other persons dream to have, what matters is do you have what you want? And even if you think you don't have a choice but to do what you have to do, you always do have a choice, even if it is simply walking away.


BuZain said...

There is a lot of buzz about this movie online and I got tempted to watch it. No offence man, but it sounds like a girlie thing and if I decide to watch it, I'll rent the DVD and watch it at home with my wife. I'll save the theatre trip for the worthy ones. Unless the chicks in the movie are worth it. Then it is a different story :)

Ayman said...

Well, it's not a movie many people want to see it on a Big Screen... Not much SFX or briliant CGI. It's only the story that counts, so a DVD will be just as good, unless you are in a hurry.

It's not much of a girlish movie. Just leave the fashion and Prada shoes out, and look a bit deeper. You will love it. And you wan't be becoming girlish ;-)

Just Google it!