Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Mont Blanc Pen

I got a Mont Blanc Pen as a farewell gift from my dear friends and colleagues. It's a Mont Blanc, it looks very professional, it has the new, and very cool Mont Blanc floating star, it is one of the new styles, and I generally love their products... but.. but... but I just don't like that style at all. It is too "complex" for me.

See the many fine rings it has? The black and silver? The two black rings?

I take simplicity to the extremes I guess. I like simple, clean, straight designs. Nothing fancy at all. "Less is More" is one of my favourite proverbs. And this applies to design too.

So, as much as I appreciate the gift, I just had to exchange it. I want to have a gift that I like. It still seems unethical to me, but I proceeded. I went with my wife to Mont Blanc in Seef Mall with the Pen. I didn't have a receipt. So I did not know if they would accept an exchange. I just told them I got it as a gift two days ago, and I want to exchange it. They gladly exchanged it for another.

So now, I have a gift from my dear friends and colleagues, and it is something I like. A clean, straight, and simple, yet sophisticated Mont Blanc.

I also like the fact that this pen has a cap that you need to screw to open/lock it. It sorts of lets you think before you use the pen. Not just any cap you get from a Bic. You make sort of an effort to use it. After all you are using a Mont Blanc :-)

What do you think?


BuZain said...

Good move man. Now you have a gift from your friends that you actually love :)
BTW, I didn't know about it until you showed it to me so don't blame me for the choice. I too like the simple stuff.

And what's with the shop and the exchange without a receipt. That's a lovely gesture you don't find anymore these days.

Monblana said...

Exquisite simplicity, that's what I like about Mont blanc pens. Though their high-class pieces with diamonds are not exactly pens. A writing instrument should not cost as a rolls-royce.

davbrown74 said...

I just purchased one from and I'm very happy with it. They have a very nice selection of Montblanc pens.

Mont Blanc Pen said...


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