Sunday, September 02, 2007

Arabic on SE M600i

I love my M600i. The keyboard is great, and the phone is generally very good and nice interface. The only issue I had is that it did not come with Arabic Fonts. So I initially was forwarding the Arabic SMS I get to my old K600 to read them. Stupid, I know. I saw some Arabic enabling software, but was to thinking it was too costly. I did not find anything usable, until now. It's free too!
This comes from here.
You must have your phone in File Transfer Mode. It will not work in Phone Mode.
  1. Create a \Resource\Fonts folder in your M2 card
  2. Copy the Tahooma.ttf from Windows\Fonts (you may use other font if you like. I find this one very readable on M600i the screen. Verdana did not work for me).
  3. Make 4 copies of the file(s), and name them:
  • Sans-Serif_Latin-Regular.TTF
  • Sans-Serif_Latin-Italic.TTF
  • Sans-Serif_Latin-BoldItalic.TTF
  • Sans-Serif_Latin-Bold.TTF

The restart your Phone. You will notice the fonts have changed in all the displays.

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