Friday, September 21, 2007

Fly over Bahrain, or anywhere on Earth, with Google

Google Earth 4.2 has a great little easter egg. Just press Ctrl-Alt-A (must be Capital A) and you will be presented with a screen to choose your aircraft, and location. And then you can happily cruse around or crash your plane in the ocean. It is GREAT fun.

There are already tons of info on how to use it. I will not repeat them here.

A nice quick start guide is here.

Have fun!

4 comments: said...

isn't that essentially promoting terrorist activity?

Ayman said...

Well, one can argue that all of Google Earth can provide too much info.
Maybe that is why Google is not having it promoted.
Plus with MS Flight Simulator and others you get way more details and real world airports, real aircrafts...

Re.Loaded Soul said...

That is cool..

I will try to crush it somewhere in Riffa...Or that is also been removed from the map?

BuZain said...

I read in MIT's Technology Review magazine few weeks ago about the future of 3D virtual worlds and the potential Second Earth that merges features of Second Life and Google Earth. I thought that's a far fetched idea but it seems Google has started to prove me wrong.

Just Google it!