Sunday, September 16, 2007

On Bahrain TV Ad-Dawwar

I don't usually watch Bahrain TV. But last night while flipping channels I noticed this Bahrain TV show. I don't want to even start to critique the program. That's not the point of this entry.

Anyway, the program is Live and you call and get some questions about Bahrain or Heritage and you win some prizes.

At some point, the two presenters Abu Abdulla and Zahra Arafat where talking about the different prizes they have, some cash, some "instant" and two Grand prizes to be drawn on Eid. The two grand prizes are a Lexus and a Hummer. Just then I am 90% sure I heard Abu Abdulla talking to Zahra and saying (maybe just kidding) "... yeah, so you get the Lexus and I get the Hummer".. Immediately Zahra replied "Noooooo!".

I will not be surprised if that was the case, but I could be wrong. I wasn't really paying that much attention prior to that.

Even if it was a joke, it is not something to joke about. Maybe it is just me, but I do take these things seriously, and to me that is fraud.

Does that ring a bill with some old BTV prize show where the presenters "won" BD6000 in the 1990's?

As BuZain and Ammar think it's only a joke, I edited the post to reflect that.


BuZain said...

I think it was a joke.

What 1990's show you are talking about? and who won the 6 grands? said...

probably a joke dude :p

but yeah, would be messed up shway :p

and we dont know what happend in the 90's? can u help?

Ayman said...

I certainly hope it was a joke. A very bad joke nonetheless.
In the early 90's they used to have Cash prizes. The first prize was BD6000. I think at that time they were instant, so everybody knows what's left. Everybody was waiting for the Big, Grand, First Prize, which was won by either the presenter or her very close relative, on the very last day of Ramadan.
Now in all these contests, there is supposed to be a rule of "all people working for the program or their relatives are NOT eligible to participate" thing. And at that time BD6000 was something.
I know it was true coz the presenters' relative was with me in Uni, and he did not deny it. It was long time ago, and i'd rather not say names.

Re.Loaded Soul said...

I do remember those silly days, when the entire families in Bahrain hoping to get some 5000 or 6000 Dinars..

I do remember the names, and still they are shameless and Bahrain TV is allowing them to present some programs..

Abdul Love said...

I do not think it was a joke. Didn't it happen again this past year..

Just Google it!