Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vista Ultimate Crap

After months and months of waiting for the Vista Ultimate Extras, finally one such Ultimate Extra appears yesterday. Windows DreamScene.
What is it? Just an animated Wallpaper. A High Definition video... It comes with 5 animated wallpapers. They do look good, but that's it, and you will probably get bored of watching it after like 7 seconds. Totally useless. And why the wallpaper? I'd rather have video as a screen saver. And I am sure it's been done by some other freeware apps already.

That is what we got the Vista Ultimate for??? That is what we paid the extra dollars for??? Oh I forgot the Ultimate has support for an additional 16 languages!!!

Of course you need to restart after you install this. WHy does it need to restart??? And it's not like it restarts quickly or anything... And if you do not want to, it will keep nagging you to restart... for WHAT??? And of course this Ultimate will take a big amount of RAM and CPU. But hey, you have a shiny new PC with Gigs RAM and the fastest Dual or Quad Core CPU already, just to get Aero eye-candy from Redmond...

I get to USE my Ubuntu for all sorts of things while it is being installed! I did not need to frigging restart my machine to install any package. Even an update of the Kernel (or OS) does not need a restart! As for eye-candy, Compiz-Fusion Kicks Ass!

And what's with the Vista new Delete Shortcut warning thingy? It warns you that you will delete the actual file, prompts you for a password and makes you think twice. What the hell???

Oh boy... I hate MS products by the minute, but sometimes I just have to use it for whatever stupid reason. I hardly do now, specially after IE4Linus working great on Ubuntu.

Long Live Linux.... Long Live Ubuntu!

4 comments: said...

why are people switching to vista anyway... its still full of bugs... and xp does everything vista does (well, as much as any sane person would need anyway)

im not planning on going vista for another year at least.

Ayman said...

I only have Vista cuz it came with my Dell Laptop. The first thing I did was install Ubuntu, in another partition.
I would really suggest you get a Linux Laptop and save some money off Windows crap. Or at least get a Laptop with XP.
XP is okay, and got stable over the years. Plus, Vista is so frigging slow!!!

Redbelt said...

Ubuntu kicks ass
try it!

iPhone said...

get a mac and save yourself time, and life.

Just Google it!